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High Fives, Raising Global Citizens at Home Crossing Borders without Crossing Borders team


Dr. Ingrid Van Rompay-Bartels portrait headshot professional picture

 Ik ben / I am / Yo soy / Eu sou / 私は

Dr. Ingrid Van Rompay-Bartels

I am a Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow with ample international experience, and a passion for teaching and researching intercultural competencies and the mindsets necessary for global citizenship. With my team, I am promoting students' international experience to prepare them to navigate intercultural challenges in a globalized world at home.

Jannemieke Geessink Portrait headshot professional picture

Ik ben / I am / Ich bin / Je suis 

Jannemieke Geessink

I've taught and researched in multicultural settings through a Comenius grant for "Peer feedback in international classrooms." I specialize in developing Netiquette, Learning Outcomes, and Assessment Criteria, and serve as a sparring partner for Ingrid. Currently, I'm implementing these principles and contributing to the project's dissemination.

Esther van Popta portrait headshot professional picture

Ik ben / I am

Esther van Popta

I contribute to the Comenius project as an expert in the field of online learning in general and online peer feedback in particular. I will give suggestions to improve the feedback model.

Judith van de Looij  portrait headshot professional picture

Ik ben / I am / ነኝ

Judith van de Looij

At HAN ISB, I advise individual study programs on internationalization of curriculum and policy plans. I assist in selecting international partner universities, initiating projects between universities and liaising staff mobility. My role in the Comenius project is to advise the project team on possible partner universities to collaborate with in this project.

Twan Geerts portrait headshot professional picture

Ik ben/ Je suis/ I am/ Yo soy/ Ich bin/我是

Twan Geerts

I have been working at HAN for 14 years, as a senior lecturer of French and Intercultural Awareness at International Business. Since 2017, I am a teacher trainer at HAN School of Education, helping students to reflect upon intercultural challenges during their minors. My role within the project is to create reflection tools.


Ik ben / ich bin / I am

Laurens Zijlstra

Senior lecturer in research methodology and marketing at HAN University of applied sciences. I teach at the faculty of economics and specialise in quantitative research analysis using SPSS. I analyse the data collected and assist in interpreting the results.

Henk Poppen portrait headshot professional picture

Ik ben / I am

Henk Poppen

Since 2008 I'm a lecturer/researcher at the nursing department at HAN. As medical sociologist, quantitative research is a main competence in my work. A few weeks before my retirement I will analyse the data from the questionnaires. 

Kim Willemsen-van Zeeland  portrait headshot professional picture

Ik ben / I am

Kim Willemsen-van Zeeland

I am one of the education policy advisers of the academy ISB. My contribution to the Comenius project is modest, I review draft products and advise on their clarity and validity appropriate to the national IB programme framework. 

Quinn Platje  portrait headshot professional picture

Ik ben / Je suis / I am / Ich bin

Quinn Platje

I am a student at HAN  studying to become a French teacher, and a student assistant since August 2022. My role within Comenius is to comment upon the various deliverables from a student point of view and assist in the development of the reflection tool. 

Gioia Caravello portrait headshot professional picture

Ik ben/I am/ Ich heiße

Gioia Caravello

As student intern, I contributed to applied research and Excel analysis for writing various products related to project results. I also co-create designs for new activities and tools for CBWCB.


Yo soy / I am / Ik ben

Lorenzo Alemany Vicente

As a student intern, I will assist in finalizing this research project’s dissemination phase. I will also co-create marketing communication materials and provide support for the CBWCB classes. My goal in this project is to learn as much as possible and to share my view with my colleagues to contribute to the project's positive impact.

Angela M. Piccioni

In 2021 I was student intern for CBWCB, and later I wrote my Graduation paper with Dr. Van Rompay-Bartels as my company coach. Now, I manage the Digital Marketing Communications of the Comenius project, co-create educational content and organize the upcoming Dissemination Event in June.

Angela M Piccioni  portrait h

I am / Yo soy / Ik ben 

Neda Radoilova portrait headshot professional picture

Аз съм / I am

Neda Radoilova

As student intern, I assisted with administration and designing tools for classes, co-created activities and researched global citizenship and intercultural virtual collaboration. I worked closely with Angela Piccioni to create content for LinkedIn and the website. 

Eu sunt / I am / Ik ben

Nicoleta Colun

As a student intern, I assist in designing/redacting content for the CBWCB classes. My role involves overviewing students’ experience within the course and helping create feedback relevant to the Comenius Project. I’m also part of the analysis part of the Intercultural Virtual Collaboration.

My overall goal is to create a positive impact in the online education and help make this awarded research project continue successfully.

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 3.22.25 PM.png
Bouquet of Flowers


Marcel Jansen supported Dr Van Rompay-Bartels during the grant application phase by offering advice about the best way to frame the "pitch" of Raising Global Citizens at Home.

Marlous van den Tooren acted as a bridge between the HAN UAS team and the vision for the Comenius project.


Last but not least, without the commitment and hard work of Dr Van Rompay-Bartels' first student assistants, Sadaf Rezwani and Lysette Peerlings, this project would not be where it is today.

Thank you!

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