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4 students smile an collaborate around a computer.

Raising Global Citizens at Home

Hands holding up a globe. The globe is an art piece made of blue and green trash.
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The Project

Internationalisation, diversity, and inclusiveness are important themes worldwide, but unknown makes unloved: we tend to exclude people through stereotyping and bias. Online learning has developed quickly during the COVID-19 crisis and allows us to integrate these themes into curricula without requiring students to travel. It also grants students with limited financial resources access to internationalisation programmes. However, online learning also leads to procrastination, motivational problems, and superficial knowledge. In collaboration with international partner universities, this project aims to design educational working methods for international virtual workgroup interactions, improving students’ collaborative and reflective skills in dealing with intercultural themes with the ultimate theme to Raise Global Citizens at Home.

- Dr. Ingrid Van Rompay-Bartels

A CBWCB student wears headphones and sits in front of her laptop. She is smiling and in the middle of a conversation with one of her teammates from the international virtual exchange. She sits here for her online class with hte international partners and asyncronized classes, too.

Crossing Borders
Without Crossing Borders:

An Intercultural Virtual Collaboration

Crossing Borders Without Crossing Borders (CBWCB) is the output of the project Raising Global Citizens at Home. CBWCB connects students from around the world through intercultural virtual collaboration, facilitating meaningful cross-cultural interactions and exchange.

Two students work together on a computer.

Global Citizenship

CBWCB's unique approach to lessons equips students with the understanding and skills necessary to succeed in an increasingly interconnected world.

Virtual collaboration setting with coffee cup.

Internationalisation at Home

The virtual collaboration fosters internationalisation, allowing students to gain an international perspective without the need to study abroad.

3 people work together on a laptop

Inclusive Didactics

Inclusive didactics address intercultural challenges, allowing everyone to make meaningful connections across cultures in a way that is accessible and engaging.

Elements of Crossing Borders Without Crossing Borders

The Comenius Grant

The Comenius innovation program for higher education provides teachers with the resources to develop and apply their innovative ideas to contribute to education. 

The Comenius Senior Fellowship was awarded to Dr. Ingrid Van Rompay-Bartels for the project 'Raising Global Citizens at Home'.

Photo of a backpack on a flagpole, hanging your school bag means that a Dutch student has passed the final exams of their studies and can finally celebrate!
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With the ultimate goal of contributing to bridging educational divides, we aim to provide tools that can be tailored to develop students and professionals that appreciate their own culture and cultures of others around the world.

Join us to explore the transformative power of intercultural virtual collaborations.

Sydney Wojcik, USA


"I learned to become more cognizant of my own cultural competencies and the cultural dimensions. Learning how to navigate through that whilst working with people from all over the world and actually becoming friends with them are the biggest benefits I got out of this collaboration."
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